Saturday, March 13, 2010

Autism? Really?

Maybe you will roll your eyes and say, "Oh really. What's next with this screwball?"

The thing is, I took this test today and got a score of forty.

I also started on medication for my recently discovered hypothyroidism. New thinks to think.

A thank you to kevindooley for sharing this photo on flickr.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Feeling the Fool

It is not a pleasant thing to have a brain that can't be trusted.

How much walking would you do if you knew that at any moment your legs would buckle under you and you would crash to the ground? You would probably avoid walking in public at all. Of course, there are walkers and wheelchairs for that sort of an impairment.

Not so with mental illness.

So I think that I have some great new insights!
So I think that I am uber capable and creative!
So I think that I am headed into a permanent state of good health!

And then a dear one alerts me that I am--once again--manic.

Is it any wonder that I am afraid to use my mind, when it is so shaky and capable of sending me crashing at any time?

So I am retreating again to what I know:
Jesus loves me and died for me.
I love my family and I am loved in return.
I can make quilts.

These are about all the things I feel I can trust to be true right now. Right now, I think that they are enough.

Thanks for listening.